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Fresh air, friends, sunshine and lots of running around…playgrounds are one of the highlights of being a child. And since summer is in full flow then you’re going to be visiting the playground more often than at any other time of year.

But faulty equipment and careless behaviour can make turn this fun activity in to the stuff of nightmares.  Here are some top tips on keeping your kids how to play safely and know the rules of the playground.


You need to supervise. Many playground accidents could be avoided by making sure that children are properly supervised. Make sure that you show your children how to use the playground equipment and don’t engage in any unsafe behaviour that they may copy. Children can’t always gauge unsafe situations themselves so they need to make sure someone is looking out for them.


Use playgrounds that are safe. Unfortunately there are some playgrounds that have been damaged or maybe they’re just old but it’s always worth making sure your chosen playground is safe before you let your kids loose on it. This will also avoid the disappointment of having to say “no” when you get there.


Checked the surfaces. A good playground surface is one of the most important factors when it comes to reducing injuries. A lot of council owned playgrounds have special surfaces under the equipment that’s soft enough and thick enough to soften the impact of any falls.


Also, double check there’s no broken glass or anything else that can cause a hazard to your child.


Teach your kids about playground safety. It’s important that you teach your children how to act and play safe. This is not only important for their safety but also the safety of other children.


Teach your children to…

Never push or shove when on the equipment.


To use the equipment properly so for example; slide should be feet first, no climbing on the rails, no standing on the swings etc.


To leave their bikes and other toys away from the equipment so that they’re not tripped over.


To never use playground equipment that’s wet because it maybe slippery.


Make sure your child is wearing the right clothes. Do not let your child wear anything with drawstrings or cords when playing on equipment as they could get caught and accidentally strangle a child.


Play is such an important part of growing up and an even more important part in physical and social development. But by following these tips you can also keep your children as safe as possible.

Rachael Phillips

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