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Baby Bathing guide

Bath time is a fun time for babies, where they can splash around in the water but it’s important that you follow some rules.

Here’s a short baby bathing guide to make sure that bath time isn’t just fun, but safe too.


You don’t need to bath your baby every day when it’s a newborn. Two to three times a week is best but do make sure that you wash your babies face daily and their private parts after each nappy change.

Also make sure that you chose the right time to bath your baby. Try to do it when your baby isn’t too hungry or too tired as this will make bath time easier. Also make sure you choose a time when you aren’t in a hurry or unlikely to be interrupted.


Make sure you get the temperature of the water right and that it is comfortably warm but not hot. It’s always best to fill the bath with cold water first and then add the hot water so you can gauge the temperature. Mix the water well too making sure there are no hot or cold spots. You may find it useful to buy a thermometer to make sure it’s the right temp (around 37-38c). A good way is to use your elbow rather than your hand to gauge.

How deep should the water be?

For newborns up to six months it’s recommended that you run the water to around 5 inches deep.

Safely put your baby in the water

When you put your baby in the water make sure that you hold him or her under the bottom with one hand and place your other hand under the back of their neck and shoulders. Once you’ve settled your baby in the water then you can use the hand that was supporting the bottom to splash the water around.

NEVER leave your baby alone

It goes without saying but you should never leave your baby alone in the bath, not even for a second. Make sure that you have everything your need to hand before you put your baby in the bath so you won’t need to divert your attention at all. If someone does happen to call or knock the door, either ignore it or take your baby in a towel with you.

Always wrap your baby well when they get out of the bath. Babies lose body heat very quickly so make sure you wrap your baby up well after bath time.

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