10 Smart Safe Rules to Teach Your Children

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When growing up kids look towards adults of guidance and comfort. But it’s always a good idea to make sure that your children feel safe both inside and outside the house by teaching them some important safety rules.


Here are the top 10 safe smart rules that you should teach your children to make sure that they stay safe.


  1. I always get permission. Make sure your children know that before they commit to doing anything or going anywhere – even taking anything from anyone that they must check with their parents first and get permission. If they can’t check first then they must know they should say no.
  2. “I need help”. Children should know that if they’re approached by an adult asking for help this isn’t normal. Adults don’t usually ask children for help they usually go to other adults for assistance.
  3. “I know my name, address and parent’s contact numbers”. It’s very important that you teach your children to memorise their name, address and important contact information. If they get lost then they have the means of being able to contact you.
  4. “I am the boss of my body”. Teaching your children this one important mantra and about good touch and bad touch will help them stay aware.
  5. “NO!”. Teach your children that when they feel scared or uncomfortable that it’s ok to say no – even to an adult.
  6. Teach them about bathing suit areas. Teach them that any area covered by a bathing suit is completely private.
  7. ALWAYS to listen to their own internal voice. It’s important to teach children that they are to always listen to their own internal voice especially if that voice tells them something isn’t right.
  8. To NEVER go anywhere or take anything from anyone that’s a stranger. Children should be taught that they shouldn’t take ANYTHING from any stranger – regardless of who they are or what they say.
  9. If they get lost – yell for help. It’s really important that if you get lost that you stay on the spot and either yell or find a police officer or a mother with other children.
  10. To NEVER keep secrets from parents. No one should ever tell a child to keep a secret from their parents, especially one that involves their bodies. Teach your child to know that if someone asks your child to keep a secret they should immediately tell.


Rachael Phillips

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